High Performance Coaching

“A company will never grow larger than its level of leadership!”

Robert helps companies and their leaders who want to raise their effectiveness so that they can enjoy more income, higher productivity, and morale.

This is done through the use of customized leadership coaching plans focused on growth for each individual leader.  These are designed and used for the development of mid to executive level leaders and business owners.

Typical outcomes you can expect:

  • More revenues
  • Increased new profits
  • Higher morale
  • Lower turnover
  • Increased synergy between team members
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Increased productivity
  • A more cohesive team
  • Better relationships on all levels

Here’s a sampling of what Robert’s clients say:

“I met Robert at the right time in my life.  I had been working in my new role as plant manager for a couple of years, and had been doing quite well.  Although things were good, I had this itching that I was coasting and not employing my full potential.  Robert was like a skilled physician during our first meeting.  He listened, questioned, and examined where I was in life and was quickly able to make an assessment.

From that day on Robert put me on a growth plan that keeps accelerating.  He started me with small steps until I could begin running on my own.  Now that I am running, Robert is helping to guide the direction that my energy is taking me.  I had studied many of the principles that Robert introduced to me such as: goal setting, values, and other leadership skills, but like fundamentals in sports or music -until you have someone to teach them to you properly, you will never be able to get the most out of them.”

Mike Holman
Plant Manager- Baldor Electric


“I have been working with Robert Mallon for over a year now and it has been one of the best decisions of my life.  Robert has helped revolutionize my thinking in all areas of my life.  He has challenged me in the area of goal setting to levels I have never experienced.  Robert is one of the most trustworthy men I have ever been around.  He has helped me improve not only my career but my personal life as well.  My life balance as a result of this coaching relationship has been amazing.  The results from the  investment of time and resources has exceeded my expectations.”

Bobby Shoemaker
Chic-fil-A Operator


“Everyone has specific gifts and talents, some of mine are developing budgets, logistics and problem solving.  I reached a point in my business in 2012 when I realized if I wanted New Leaf to continue to grow then I would need to partner with a business coach that could challenge and encourage me as well as my core management team.  I met Robert Mallon several years ago through mutual friends and at the time I did not know much about his business background or his coaching platform. 

As our relationship grew, I became more familiar with his core business and decided to hire him to meet with me and our management team each month.  Over the last two years our team has been more focused on growing our business, our team, implementing core values, setting policies and standards to build upon.  Robert’s thirty plus years of experience has uniquely positioned him to teach, build into, and challenge our team. 

I believe his business knowledge and servant’s heart sets him apart from the pack.  We look forward to our time together each month and the ways he will help mold, and challenge us as we grow forward.  If your team desires to get to the next level, then I would recommend contacting Robert to discuss your needs.”

Steve Murray
CEO, New Leaf Landscape Services

Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss how these programs can help grow your company or organization.  Robert can be reached at 770-906-7397 or Robert@RMallon.com.