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  • Ready, Fire, Aim

    Do you ever face a project or assignment and just not know where to start?  Sometimes I have a tendency of just freezing and not doing anything because I don’t know the first step to take.
    Many times we feel that we need to have all …

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  • Enjoy the Benefit!

    Recently, I was listening to an old recording by Zig Ziggler. I don’t listen to him often, but he’s always been someone I’ve admired.
    In the recording he said this, “You don’t pay the price, you enjoy the benefit.” What an remarkable way …

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  • It’s Not the “Stuff…”

    Shortly after Sandy and I married, she asked me if I might be interested in moving out west for a year or two. Sandy is a nurse, and there’s a thing called “travel nursing” where a company hires a nurse, puts her in a …

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  • Coughdrops

    A little while ago, I was in Illinois and Michigan for the week. I had been suffering for several weeks with allergies. It had grown worse and had actually turned into a sinus infection. I had been taking Claritin and some other …

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  • To the Fathers

    Today is Father’s Day!!! One of the best days of the year.
    I’d like to address some of the newer fathers out there who read this blog. I’ve been a father for 30 years now. Looking back over that time, it’s been one …

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  • Extraordinary #1

    The word “extraordinary” is an interesting word. If you look at it’s spelling, it’s really two words put together—“extra” and “ordinary.” So it’s ordinary, with a little extra twist!
    I love to see ordinary people do extraordinary things. They take an …

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  • Ask and You Will Receive!

    A couple of years ago, I got a call from my middle son Clint. He lives in Redondo Beach, CA., and is 28 years old.
    He said, “Dad, you always taught me to just ‘ask.’ You’re such a wise father, and I always listen to what …

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  • Do the Thing You Fear!

    We all have fear. It’s how we deal with the fear that really determines how our lives turn out.
    Years ago, I heard these words, “Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.” One of my favorite lines. We …

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