Ready, Fire, Aim

Do you ever face a project or assignment and just not know where to start?  Sometimes I have a tendency of just freezing and not doing anything because I don’t know the first step to take.

Many times we feel that we need to have all the T’s crossed, and I’s dotted before we begin a task.   This is called “Ready, Aim, Fire.”

In reality, what we many times need to do is just take the first step and see what happens.  This would be called “Ready, Fire, Aim.”

Let me give you two instances where I’ve seen this work.

Example 1:

The 1969, Apollo 11 made history by accomplishing a huge goal–having a man walk on the moon.  This was one of the major accomplishments in the history of exploration and captured the world’s attention.

What many people don’t know is that while the flight was on the way to the moon, they were off course 97% of the time.  They were only on track 3%!  They would begin to drift and have to fire their engines to readjust the flight.Apollo 11

They knew their goal—land on the moon.  They continually readjusted.  But then they’d get off track again.

They knew they were going to get off course, but they didn’t let that stop them.  They went anyway.  They expected deviations to their flight but they went after the goal anyway, knowing they could always correct the course.

Example 2:

I have a friend named Jason Martin.  Jason is a mountain of a man.  While in college, he participated in the shotput and discus.  Picture a ballerina.  Now picture the exact opposite–that’s Jason.  He works as a programmer but his real passion in life is barbecue!  (You love this guy already, right?)

Several weeks ago, Jason and I had lunch together.  We were doing some planning for a meeting we were putting on.  At one point, I told Jason about my love for “Hole-in-the-Wall” restaurants.   That started a 30-minute conversation about places we had eaten in Texas and his desire to start his own barbecue restaurant.  He had been looking at locations and had even named his restaurant.  He has “studied” barbecue for years and knows exactly what kind he wants to make.

I was in the restaurant business for nearly 20 years so we began to talk about what type of location he wanted, the hours, what the inside would look like, etc.

Jason left our lunch fired up.

About two hours later, Jason called me and asked if he could make barbecue for the meeting which we were holding in two days.  We were expecting about 100 men and he thought that this would be great word-of-mouth advertising (for his restaurant of the future!)  I told him absolutely.

Jason went to Costco and bought the best ingredients he could find.  He literally stayed up all night the night before the event, cooking and having a great time.

That morning he came to the meeting with a big cooler of hot “Moonies Breakfast Barbecue Burrito’s.”  Honestly, they were some of the best breakfast burrito’s I’ve ever eaten.  Brisket and all the fixings like you get deep in Texas.  (I had four of them!)

So now Jason is talking to contractors and seriously looking at locations for his restaurant.  He will continue bringing these burritos to our monthly meetings to win customers before he even opens the doors.

He understands the concept of “Ready, Fire, Aim.”  He took action, and moved a step closer to his dream.  I know this—his dream will come true.  The action spurred more passion.  He will readjust many times over the next year as he gets this up and running.  But he will open the doors to his restaurant.

So my question for you is, where do you need to quit aiming and just fire?  Make a commitment today to take a first step.  Any first step!  Then tomorrow, readjust and take another step—and then another.

As we talked about in the last post, you could literally walk from one side of the country to the other, one step at a time.  But you’ve got to take that first step!

Go for it, my friend!

(Postscript:  Jason sent me this picture today! He’s rented a building, has his sign, and is on his way.  His dream is coming true–one step at a time!  Yours can too!!!)



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  1. Jason Martin
    Jason Martin06-29-2011

    Robert, thanks for the article! You are an inspiration in my life, and how we met had God’s hand all over it. July is going to be a busy month fighting towards opening the doors!

  2. Brad Bradley
    Brad Bradley06-29-2011

    I have had the good fortune to interact with Jason and am more than impressed with his abilities and desire for success!

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