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  • Nurturing List

    Do you ever have a bad day and just don’t feel like you can shake yourself out of it? It happens to all of us. You try and you try and you try and you just can’t shake the funk that you’re in. …

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  • Secret Life

    We all have a secret life—parts of our lives that nobody knows about. All you have to do is pick up the paper or turn on the news and you’ll hear about it. But is that really true? Is there anything that is really a …

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  • Being Remarkable

    Recently, I had the opportunity to read Seth Godin’s book, “Purple Cow.” In the book, Seth talks about being a purple cow—setting yourself apart from the herd—in the products you make and as an individual within your organization. The book is all about …

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  • A Bit Player

    Do you ever feel self-conscious when you’re doing something or worry about how people might perceive you? Does this ever hold you back from doing or saying something that could benefit you in the long run?
    Somewhere I heard this statement, “You are nothing more …

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  • Letters to My Sons

    I know this about you—you’re busy. We all are, and it’s not getting any slower. That being stated, I have a couple of questions for you?
    Why this blog? Why might you want to take a couple of minutes several times a week reading the ramblings …

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