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I just love it when I see people and companies go beyond what’s expected.  I’d like to tell you about a couple of instances where I’ve seen extraordinary service lately.

A couple of months ago, I was with my friend Matt Fagioli in Washington, DC doing one of his Xplode events.  We were staying at the Crowne Plaza in Silver Spring, which is one of the nicer neighborhoods in DC.

As we were walking through the hotel, I started noticing that all of the employees had these little buttons on their shirts which said, “C.I.D.”  We got on an elevator, and there was a manager riding up with us.  So I asked him what the button meant.

Consider it done!” was his reply.  He went on to explain that this was their motto at the hotel  “If someone asks us for something, we make sure it happens.”

I love that attitude!

Being the “mature delinquents” we are, Matt and I started messing with all the employees we ran into.

“My back needs scratching!”  “Consider it done, sir!!!”

“I think I lost my wallet.  I need a $20.00 bill!”  “Consider it done, sir!!!

“Let’s have a party in the penthouse!”  “Consider…..  (Okay, you get the point!)

They were laughing at our joking, but they really did go out of their way to take care of everything we needed.  What a great idea and motto for a company to come up with.  By the way, this is not a saying that is corporate wide.  It’s only at this particular hotel.

This tells you a lot about what the leaders of this hotel value.  They are looking for everyone to give great service, and they came up with an idea to help keep it top of mind.

Here’s another example…

A week ago, I was in Pennsylvania doing some talks.  One of them was at the Four Points Sheraton in Greensburg–close to Pittsburg.

The day had been a long one.  I was pretty tired and had been on the road for five days.  So I was ready for a quiet, relaxing evening.

The picture below shows you what I saw as I walked up to the counter to check in…

It kind of shocked me when I first saw it.  I had to read it twice.

“That’s me,” I said with a big grin on my face.

These two folks welcomed me with a lot of enthusiasm.  They genuinely seemed happy to see me!

“We’ve upgraded you to our nicest room!  Here’s some comps for our restaurant and a free drink coupon.”  (The room was extremely nice and they had put a couple of extra little giveaways in the room too!)

I found out that they do this everyday, just to make someone’s day.  In all seriousness, they asked for nothing in return.  I could tell that they enjoyed doing it for me.  It was just their way to show appreciation for guests who frequent their chain.

These days, I stay in hotels around 100 times a year.  (That sounds weird, but I really do love it!) But, after a while, they all seem to run together.  I forget about them–because most are average.  But I can guarantee you this–I WILL NOT forget the Four Points Sheraton in Greensburg, PA or the smiles on these two people’s faces.  I can’t wait to stay there again!

So here’s the question for you.  What can you do today, or this week, to treat your customers in an extraordinary way?  How can you put a great memory in their minds?

It’s important for you and all of the employees in your business, to remember that ‘they’ are the reason you exist.  In today’s environment, if you don’t differentiate yourselves from your competitors, you surely won’t flourish, and you probably won’t be in business very much longer.

Just a thought…


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  1. Matt Fagioli
    Matt Fagioli07-25-2011

    that was a fun day in DC!

    The thing to note there with the CID buttons is that they really DID it.
    — it wasn’t just an empty promise. The service really was exceptional

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