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  • Frogtown Cellars

    Want to plan a fun weekend getaway in the North Georgia Mountains?  I’ve got a couple of places I’d like to suggest to you.
    Over the 4th of July weekend, Sandy and I decided to run up to Dahlonega, which is a short, 20-mile ride north …

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  • Rusty Lion

    Best friends!
    I’m lucky to have several!  I don’t know if there’s a rule on this.  Should you have only one?  I don’t know, and quite frankly, I don’t care.  All I can tell you is that the good Lord has blessed me with more than …

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  • Yet!

    I want you to take a second and do some thinking.  Is there anything out there that you want to do, a place you want to go, or a subject that you want to learn, but you’ve just never gotten around to it?  It happens!  …

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  • Cody

    My son Joe has a little dog named Cody.  He is a little 2 years old, jet black, Miniature Schnauzer.  He’s the kind of little dog whose hair hangs over his black eyes, so it’s hard to see them.  Joe and Cody are together everyday …

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  • Gossip & Secrets

    Big people talk about ideas.
    Medium people talk about things.
    Small people talk about people.

    Read that again.  It’s a profound statement!
    Several weeks ago, my oldest son Joe and I were having a phone conversation.  I was telling him that I’d recently signed up for Twitter and how …

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