Snatched Up!

This is my little buddy, Peyton!  Peyton is actually owned by my bonus-daughter, Callie, but secretly, he’s mine!  She just doesn’t know it, and Peyton and I will keep that little secret to ourselves…

Peyton is one of those little dogs that I usually don’t like.  But he’s different.  He’s not a “yapper.”  He’s just an extremely happy little guy who loves being with people.  As a puppy, he lived in a sorority house at UGA, loved on by about 50 young ladies.  (Some guys have all the luck!!!)

He’s spending this week with “Gabby & Pappy.”  (That’s Sandy & me by the way.)  Summer camp at the Mallon’s!

Last night, I got so warm in bed, that it woke me up.  I wanted to put my legs out from under the covers, but I could feel Peyton cuddled up next to me.  He only weighs about 5 pounds, so if I tossed the sheets, I’d toss Peyton too.  Not a good idea.

So I snatched him up, and placed him about four feet away at the foot of the bed.

Then I had a thought…

Peyton was sound asleep.  Then he was snatched up!  I’m sure, from his perspective, he flew through the air, then landed somewhere else.  That must have been a rather scary, startling experience.  What if someone did something like that to me in the middle of the night—just snatched me up and I was transported somewhere else?

I’d Freak Out!!!!!!!!

Then I had another thought.  (Aren’t night thoughts fun?)

One day, we will all be “snatched up.”

For some of us, we will know it’s coming.

My wife Sandy is a Hospice nurse.  Unfortunately, she loses patients to death every week.  It’s part of life.  Some leave this world with a lot of anger.  They’re estranged from their families.  They’re angry and bitter about life.   “Life wasn’t fair to me.”  “If I’d only…

I think they have a lot to do with that.

Others leave this world with a smile on their face.  They’re surrounded by friends and loved ones.  The last several weeks could even be described as a ‘celebration’ of their lives.  They’re ready—they feel complete, and they look forward to the journey.

I think they have a lot to do with that.

The first group must feel a little cursed; the second—a little blessed.

Then, there’s the third group.  These are the ones who’re snatched up by an accident.  A couple of weeks ago, one of our friends lost a nephew in a motorcycle accident.  The young man left behind a wife and children.  It was a tragic accident.

I can promise you this—he didn’t wake up that morning, brush his teeth, and think to himself, “Today’s the day.”

But he’s gone.

And so, it will happen to you and me, too.

An interesting thought: God is never surprised when this happens.  Never!  He knows the exact instant that it will happen.

No one makes it out of this world alive…  Of this we can be certain.

That’s either the best news you’ve heard in a while, or the worst.  I think you have a lot to do with that.

Are you ready?

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