Washing Dishes

I hate washing dishes—especially after cooking dinner too!

One night, my son Clint—in from California, my son Joe, my wife, and I made Ribeye steaks on the grill.  Don’t care what you say; the best steak ever.  A little olive oil, sea salt, cracked black pepper; covered with button, Portabella mushrooms with a side of asparagus—that’s the bomb.

So we ate.  And we had fun.  With stomachs full, we settled in and watched a great show on TV.  Then Joe left, and Clint got on the phone with his girlfriend.  I went in the kitchen and looked at a sink full of greasy, oily dishes and pans. 

And I started washing dishes.  In my mind I was saying, “This Sucks!  Why am I the one who has to wash these stupid dishes?  They should be doing this.  Grrrrrrrr!!!” 

(As Sandy would say, “I believe you’re having an ‘additudional’ problem!”)

But as I started loading the dishwasher (with at least 1½ times the amount that I should actually have been putting in!), it became a game.  “How do I stack these to get the most in?  What can I move around?  What big things can I do by hand so that I can get the most little things in?”

And it became fun! 

Then I started thinking, “Shut up and put your big boy pants on.  You know, we’re lucky to be able to afford great steaks like we had.  So many people can’t buy food like that right now.  I’m blessed with a great family… we have a dishwasher—didn’t have one of these growing up…”

You get the point…

My thinking changed–and I changed.

I thought to myself, “It really is all about attitude, isn’t it?”  Nothing was either right or wrong in the situation, but my thinking made it so.  It became a challenge to see what I could do.  I had a smile on my face.

As I was write this, the washer is going, I’m writing this blogpost, and most importantly—I’m happy.

“Nothing is either right or wrong, but thinking makes it so.” 

Where in your life do you need to make a little change in your perspective?  Maybe it’s time to scrub some of those old thoughts out and clean up that attitude!


PS, I think this little guy needs to change his attitude!!!  :)

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  1. Mark Henson
    Mark Henson07-13-2011

    Next time you have a great streak invite Vera and I . . . I am a great dish washer!!!

    • Robert Mallon
      Robert Mallon07-14-2011

      Sounds good to me Mark!

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