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  • The Kroger Cashier

    (Here’s a little story that happened a while back.  I’ve shared it with some of my friends who really seemed to love it.  So now I share it with you…  Enjoy!)
    Have you ever been wronged and then retaliated and felt worse than you did before?  …

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  • It Doesn’t Really Matter!

    I’m older than most of you who read this blog.  I said older, but not necessarily smarter.  I have found though, that age tends to bring on a little more wisdom and perspective.  So today, I’d like to ask you to allow me to step …

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  • A Refreshing Meeting!

    A few weeks ago, I got an email from a young man named Jeff, who I’d met several months before.  When we first met, I was very impressed with this guy.  Very successful, but more importantly, I could tell that he was a quality person.  …

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  • Procrastination Tip #2

    “Eat the Green Frog First!”
    Okay.  I know you’re going to think I’m a little nuts when you read that sentence, but I promise you–this little idea will help you eliminate procrastination from your life.
    Everyday, there’s one “thing” that you have to do that day that …

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  • Procrastination Tip #1

    Do you ever procrastinate?
    Stupid question, I know…  We all do at times.
    Years ago, I had a thought, “I can do anything for 20 minutes!”  I might not enjoy it, but I really can do anything for 20 minutes.  I could even shovel horse poop for …

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  • Always Faithful!

    We came home on December 31st.
    Sandy and I had been gone for a year to experience California,  Oregon and the whole west coast scene.  Our plan was to come back to the Atlanta area, rent a cabin in the North Georgia Mountains, have Christmas with …

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