A Tear in Your Eye

“When there’s a tear in your eye, and joy in your heart, that’s when you know life’s worth living.”

Several days ago, I was on our deck by the pool playing cards with my wife Sandy.  The breeze was blowing, it was about 74° and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  We were listening to Pandora (Seal) and having a glass of wine.  She was kicking my butt at gin—and thoroughly enjoying it.  I mean I was losing every game.  One of our granddoggies, Cody was visiting and was sleeping on the doormat by one of the doors.

And all of a sudden, emotion started to rush up, just like water flows up from a natural spring.  I was aware of how much God has blessed me—is blessing me.  I was totally in the moment and the beauty of it all.  And the tears began to flow.  Quietly.  Just between me and God, and the beauty of this life…

And I thought, “When there’s a tear in your eye, and joy in your heart; that’s when you know life is worth living.”

Very worth living!

As you read this, I wish the same for you today!

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