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  • Stop “Shoulding” On Yourself!

    The misuse of the word “should” causes more anxiety, heartache, and wrong thinking than probably any other word in the English language.
    Let me explain.
    When something is happening, or has happened, it “should” have happened, because it did.  Saying that it “shouldn’t” is trying to change …

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  • Solitude With “Him”

    I love quotes!
    I memorize sayings that add meaning to life.  Why? It goes back to the blog post I wrote about big people being people who focus on ideas.  Ideas can change your life!
    One of the first sayings I ever memorized was this:
    “A good life …

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  • Video blogpost: “Your Rudder In the Water”

    Hope you enjoy this little video…

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  • Make Sure You’re Not “Washing Glasses!”

    This post is for anyone in a leadership position.
    If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know that I like to write about “extraordinary” examples of great service.  I love to be “wowed” by people taking great care of their customers.  …

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  • Two Ways to Have a Great Marriage!

    This past Saturday, Sandy and I attended a beautiful wedding for a young couple named Laney and Robert.  It was an absolutely joyful event, and brought everyone there a great deal of happiness to see the love they share for each other!
    The church where they …

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  • Are You a Cord Cutter?

    There once was a man who had seven sons.  The sons fought, quarreled, and argued all the time.
    One day the father cut seven sticks which were about ½” wide and bound them with a strong piece of cord.
    He called his sons together and asked each …

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  • Pull Over!!!

    Several years ago, my oldest son Joe and I were driving on Interstate 85 in Atlanta.  It was just a little before dusk.  Atlanta’s notorious rush-hour traffic was over, but there were still plenty of cars on the road.
    All of a sudden, Joe started yelling,
    “Dad!  …

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  • Montaluce Winery

    A Romantic Afternoon…
    Last Saturday, Sandy and I had no plans for the afternoon, so we decided to visit a winery near Dahlonega, GA that she had heard great things about.
    The name of the winery is Montaluce.  There is a family who lives in Atlanta named …

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