Montaluce Winery

A Romantic Afternoon…

Last Saturday, Sandy and I had no plans for the afternoon, so we decided to visit a winery near Dahlonega, GA that she had heard great things about.

The name of the winery is Montaluce.  There is a family who lives in Atlanta named the Beecham’s.  They have been developing land in Georgia for three generations.  Several years ago, they took a trip to the Tuscany region of Italy and fell in love with everything about it.  They decided to come back and build a winery in the North Georgia Mountains.  Their goal was to try to duplicate the experience they’d enjoyed in Italy.  Sandy and I have also visited the wine region of Italy, and we both agree that the Beecham’s have done a magnificent job.

They bought the property in 2005 and immediately began to clear portions of the land in order to plant the vineyards.  They have 400 acres of some of the most beautiful land you’ve ever seen.

The vines grew and matured for the next three years and they were able to begin bottling their wines in 2008. 

As of today, there are 30 home sites on the property.  The homes are all built with an Italian rustic, country décor.  I’m sorry that we didn’t take any pictures of these beautiful homes, but you can see them at  There is also an 80-room lodge and spa in the works.

The winery itself is a huge, four-story building, with the fermenting process of the winery located on the bottom level.

The gentleman who helped us with our wine tasting was a young man named Ian Wilmont.  As you can tell from his picture below he’s a great guy!  He’s only worked there for three months, but has really been taught well.  Not only did he know the answer to every question we asked, he was also a very pleasant person to be around and had a great sense of humor!  I would suggest that you ask for him when you visit!

We decided to do two of the three flights of wines that they had that day–the Whites and the Reds.  They also had an Italian flight that we decided to save for our next visit.  (Gotta drive!)

In total, we tasted 10 wines.  All were good, but we definitely had our favorites.

The first was the 2010 Montaluce Primaluce.  It was a blend of Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay.  It had a very zesty finish and you could smell both honeysuckle and magnolia.  It had one of the most distinctive finishes I’ve ever tasted.  Really enjoyed this one!  This would be great with fish or poultry.

Next, we liked the 2009 Montaluce Dolce.  Baked apples and pie spice were the dominant flavors.  Ian said it would be great at a cookout, be we were also thinking it would be a great dessert wine.

They had a great rose—the 2010 Montaluce Risata.  It had a great floral nose with hints of cherry blossoms.  Watermelon and strawberries and cream on the palate with a very crisp finish.  Not too sweet!  Rose’s always make me think of spring.

What was the favorite wine we tasted?  The 2008 Montaluce Cabernet Sauvignon.  Outstanding!!!  A beautiful ruby color.  Bing cherry and baking spices on the nose.  We both agreed that this would be the one to use at our next steak cookout.

Ian told us that the winemaker’s name is Maria Peterson.  She grew up in South Africa.  You can tell after trying her wines that this young lady knows her stuff.

Montaluce also specializes in weddings.   As you can see from the picture the dining areas are beautiful.  Just outside the windows is a big balcony with dining overlooking the vineyards!  The restaurant and dining rooms were  closed because they were doing a wedding that afternoon.  The menu looked great though.

After visiting the winery, we proceeded down one of their roads, parked the car, and pulled out two folding chairs.  We found a beautiful, tall oak tree to sit under right next to one of the vineyards.   Rolling hills; 70 degree weather, the sun shining, and the birds were singing.  What’s not to like?  We spent the next hour reading our books and holding hands enjoying God’s incredible handiwork.

An awesome afternoon and a lovely experience that I would suggest to anyone!  Call them at 706-867-4060 for more information.  Tell them Robert sent you!  I know you’ll enjoy it.


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