Give Me Heat!

There’s an old analogy that goes something like this:

A man was sitting in front of his fireplace and he said,  “Give me heat, then I’ll give you some wood.”

Doesn’t make any sense, does it?  In order to get the heat, you have to first put the wood on the fire.  This is a law of the universe.  You cannot get the payoff without putting in your contribution.  You have to “do” before you can “get.”

We are living in a society where more and more people are “wanting” without “doing.”  It’s ruining these people’s lives.

If a lion wants to eat, it must first hunt.  Same with people.  Quite frankly, I want my kids to be hunters.  My boys are strong.  Contrary to popular belief, it’s good for them.

Struggle is our friend.  It helps us grow. 

You can use this in all areas of life including fitness, your job, relationships, savings accounts, education, income, your spiritual life; really—anything!

You can’t be fit without first working out.  You can’t get a promotion if you just do the minimum required.  You can’t have a great marriage without working on it and investing in it.  You can’t grow your savings without first working and then making deposits.

My friend Kevin Myers once said, “We live in a microwave society.”  We want things NOW!  We think that we deserve things.  Without effort.  TV tends to nurture this idea.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

So where do you need to put some wood in your life?  Where do you specifically want the heat?  Maybe it’s time for you to sharpen you ax and start swinging it a little harder…

PS, if you have kids, read this to them.  It’s a lesson that’s best learned young…

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