Haircut & The Walking Dead

Got my hair cut on Monday. I go to a really nice lady named Rhonda who does a great job every time. I don’t know about you, but I find the barber’s seat to be one of the most relaxing places on earth. I don’t know whether it’s the drone of the clippers or that I have to shut my eyes so that hair doesn’t fall into them, but I usually just sort of “doze off” while in the chair.

Monday was different though. 

Rhonda told me that it was a slow day. Most of the other barber’s were outside sitting in the sun just relaxing.

I asked Rhonda how she got started cutting hair. She told me that she used to always cut her first husband’s hair and just enjoyed doing it. So she went to barber school and became one. Then she told me that she had really always wanted to be a nurse though. She went on and on about how that had been her dream but that her second husband didn’t want her to be a nurse because his first wife had been one. (Now there’s some real logic for you!) So she didn’t pursue it.

I told her about my wife Sandy and how much she enjoyed her job as a nurse. Taking care of patients and their families. Rhonda had a big smile on her face as she listened.

Rhonda then told me that she had looked into taking nursing classes at a local college. She got really animated and started telling me about several instances where a nurse had had an impact on her life.

Sometimes you can just see when a person is talking about one of their dreams. They light up! While they are communicating, their energy levels just go through the roof. Rhonda still wants to be a nurse. Deeply and intensely.

Earlier in our discussion, she told me that Tuesdays were always her day off. So when we were almost through, I told Rhonda to look me in the eye in the mirror. “Tomorrow I want you to go to that college and get more information. Chase this dream of yours Rhonda. We only live this life once. This isn’t a rehearsal, it’s the only life you’ve got.” There was a deep connection as I looked into her eyes.

And it made me think. Everyday, I see the “Walking Dead.” As a matter of fact—they’re everywhere. These are people who once had a dream and then stopped short. They’re stuck in a job that they really don’t like and are either too complacent or have been told “No” so many times that they just don’t just go for it. So they walk around with no enthusiasm for life. They have no bounce in their step. And they die—not on one day but over the course of many years.

So what about you. What dream path can you start walking down today? As Napoleon Hill said, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Start today.

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