Telephone Poles, Birds, & Eternity

Have you ever thought about just how long eternity is really going to be?

Years ago, on a Friday morning, a very dear friend of mine named Doug Moran told me something that I’ve never forgotten.  We were standing in our church’s parking lot.  It was a beautiful, warm summer morning.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  Carolina blue had drifted down to Georgia that morning.

Doug said, “Robert, let’s pretend that there is a guy-wire which runs from right where we’re standing, straight up into the sky.”  (A guy-wire is a heavy cable that helps hold a telephone pole up.)  He pointed up towards the blue.  “Now let’s pretend that this guy-wire runs forever—it just keeps going on without end into the universe.  Can you picture it?”

I told him I could. 

He pulled out a pen.  “Now let’s pretend that we take this pen and draw a line on the guy-wire right here.”  He pretended to draw a line across the wire.  “That little mark is your time here on earth.  One day you will pass away and go into eternity.  The decisions you make here in this life have everything to do with how eternity works out for you.”


That concept just blew my mind.  How miniscule this life is compared to what lies ahead for all of us . . .

Here’s another great example.

Let’s say that there’s a bird that lives out in space a million light years away from earth.  (Keep in mind that light travels at 186,000 miles per second and you’ll start to understand how long a light year is!)

One day, the bird leaves his home planet and starts flying to earth.  When he arrives he goes to a beach and picks up one tiny grain of sand in his beak.  He flies home and drops the piece of sand on his planet and then sets back off on another trip to earth.

Back and forth he goes—one grain of sand at a time.

By the time it takes the bird to take every grain of sand, one-by-one, from every beach on every continent of the world back to his own planet a million light years away—we are just getting started enjoying our time in heaven!!!

Or possibly suffering somewhere else . . .

So should I put God first in my life?  In lieu of the fact that Jesus told me to and that I have all of eternity to enjoy the fruits of my relationship with Him, I think the answer must be a resounding “Yes!

What about you?

This really puts the decisions you have to make in this life into proper perspective.

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