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  • What If HE Heard Them All!

    A few months ago, my bonus-daughter Callie spent the night.  The next morning around 7:00 a.m. one of her best friends, Natalie, brought her 8-week old daughter Berkeley over for Callie to take care of while Natalie was at work.  This was the first time …

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  • Why Winners Win

    Sometimes in life, you get lucky.
    Back in the early 2000’s, I had the good fortune to be mentored by a gentleman named Col. Harold Huff.  Harold had been the pilot of Air Force One for two presidents back in the 1970’s.  He was one of …

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  • What Size Gift?

    Last week, the pastor where I go to church said something that really hit home.  His name is Kevin Myers and he does this often.
    He asked,
    “What size gift does it take for you to feel joy?”
    Many of us will base this Christmas on …

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  • A Life Well Lived!

    This past weekend, my wife and I attended a Celebration of Life service in honor of a man named Donald Reid Houston, Sr.
    I never had the opportunity to meet Donald, but we are very good friends with his daughter, Rhonda Thompson, and her husband John,  …

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  • Gemba!

    After reading the recent post titled “Kaizen, The Art of Small,” my friend Elizabeth Umberson told me about another Japanese word which relates both to manufacturing and life.
    Elizabeth heads up ZF Industries, North America.  She’s been working in high-end manufacturing her entire career.  She really …

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  • “Kaizen–The Art of Small”

    I’m reading a book right now called, “Start Something That Matters,” by a gentleman named Blake Mycoskie.  He’s the guy who started the company—TOM’S Shoes.  Basically, for every pair of shoes he sells, he gives a pair away to children who have no shoes in …

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  • Negotiation Tip #1

    There’s a neat commercial that’s currently on TV that shows a young man in different phases of life.  In each, he’s offered something and then he says the word, “And?”
    Then the person who’s offering gives him something in addition to the original offer. Two of …

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  • Why People Resist Change… And What to Do About It!

    We all resist change . . . Everybody!
    But why? And more importantly, what can we do about it?
    Sit back and enjoy this short video with two thoughts in mind:
    1. How can I use this to understand myself and …

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