What If HE Heard Them All!

A few months ago, my bonus-daughter Callie spent the night.  The next morning around 7:00 a.m. one of her best friends, Natalie, brought her 8-week old daughter Berkeley over for Callie to take care of while Natalie was at work.  This was the first time I’d ever had the chance to meet this little beauty!

Naturally, my wife Sandy grabbed Berkeley first.  Looking at her holding that pretty little baby, I could just imagine what a phenomenal grandmother she’ll be one day.

A few minutes later, Sandy and I sat down on the couch to do our morning devotions.  Callie came over and sat with us too.  I began to read to them from the book of John.  After a few minutes we went to the second part of our devotions—prayer. 

That day was Callie day!  Every week, Sandy and I pray for our kids.  We have five, so Monday is Joe day, Tuesday is Clint day, etc.  We pray for their days and their weeks—safety, wisdom, and success.

Well that morning, Berkeley was laying in Sandy’s arms right beside me.  I began to pray for her.  Remember, she was only eight weeks old at the time.  I looked down at her and began to imagine her life as God might see it.  I prayed that God would reveal himself to her throughout her life.  I prayed that he would choose her to be one of his own.  That he would use her in a mighty way to have a great impact of the people around her.  That he would keep her healthy.  That he would bless her and her parents with wonderful lives.  And I also prayed for her safety.

And then I thought, What if!

What if every time we prayed for someone God heard our prayers AND responded to them.  What if God blesses her and her parents because of this simple little prayer that I prayed that morning?  What if I could do this for anyone in this world and God responded.  It says in the Bible, “Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.”

Many times as I walk through airports, shop in grocery stores, sit in restaurants, or just drive down the road, I will pick one individual out of the crowd and pray for them.  It’s always a stranger that I will never get to know here on earth–just a person passing by in the stream of life.  I pray that God would bless them.  That God would make them his own.  That God would take them to heaven when they die and that they would spend eternity with Him.  That he would truly reveal himself to them.

What if God heard each of these prayers and acted on them.  And what if when I get to heaven, I get to meet these people and hear their stories.  What an unbelievable blessing that would be!

I will continue saying these little prayers that I feel God has called me to pray.  I will pray for the ones that I love and also for the people who I will never get to know, knowing that they are truly cherished by their Father.  And I guess one day when I get to heaven I’ll just see.

Maybe all we have to do is ask.  Why not begin this today?  And just let God handle the rest.

“What If?”


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