God Don’t Make No Junk!!!

You are not a mistake!  I truly believe God created you.  He did it on purpose—for a purpose.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Allow me to paraphrase that:

“God don’t make no junk!”

But most of us never find this purpose and most people never accomplish very much at all. 

Why?  I think there are several reasons:

  • Most people really don’t know what they want (Lack of thought and clarity)
  • Busyness of life (Lack of day-to-day focus)
  • We don’t know how (Lack of knowledge)
  • We don’t think we’re worthy (Lack of self-esteem)
  • Not understanding the reasons (Lack of driving purpose)

I’m often asked what I do for a living, and it’s always a little complicated to give the answer.  I can’t name just one thing like accountant, teacher or biologist.

My business has evolved into a couple of different specialties that really feed off of one another.

One part of my business is being a professional speaker.  I’m very lucky to be able to travel the country, working with organizations and associations speaking on different aspects of leadership, management, communication and life.

The other part of my business is going into mid-sized companies and developing the leaders who work there.  I primarily do this in two ways:

  1. Usually, I’m working with 6-8 people within the company.  These folks are usually owners and department heads.  Each quarter, we look at their careers and their personal lives, and then figure out where they want to grow in two out of nine different categories.  Then we set two to three very specific goals to accomplish over the next three-month period.  Then every couple of weeks we take an hour of one-on-one time together and review what they’ve done over the previous two weeks and what they will accomplish over the next two-week period.  My job is to coach, focus, and encourage them, while providing a measure of accountability.  At the end of these three-month periods, they’ve accomplished more than they thought they could and are extremely happy with the results and growth.  Then we do it again!
  1. The second part involves doing book reviews with all of the leaders in the company once a month.  This usually happens in a conference room around a big table.  I’ve created what I call “application guides” for about 15 of the best business/leadership books of all time.  We usually do about three chapters of a book a month, so a book takes three to complete.  My job is to lead a two-hour discussion of what they’ve read, with the sole purpose of specifically applying what they’ve learned to benefit the company!  It’s amazing to see the synergy that happens when a roomful of minds get together and discuss great information.  It’s very true that a company will grow no larger than the level of its leadership expertise.  My job is to raise the level of leadership.  Sales and profits always seem to follow.  (Strange how that works!)

Why am I telling you about this?

I just started working with a new client this week, and I’m pretty excited about them!  I’m working with seven of the company’s top leaders.  I spent a whole day doing one-on-one’s with six of them.  We took a little time getting to know each other, then looked at their strengths and weaknesses, areas of talent, and what areas of their lives they felt they needed to work on to improve their careers and their personal lives.  It’s a process I’ve developed that takes about an hour and a half for each person.

Two weeks from now, I’ll spend another day with them.  That day, we’ll do one-on-one’s again.   We’ll develop two very specific goals for each person, and then determine what actions to take over the following two-week period.

So here’s what I thought.  I’ve been teaching this for about nine years.  I’ve gotten pretty good at it if I say so myself.  (I just did!)

As I teach them how to set goals and get more focused in their lives, I’d like to teach you too!

So for the next couple of weeks we’re going to talk about goals.  I’m going to show you a very easy way to do this that will produce some amazing results in your life.  I’ve studied this for years, and have come up with a very simple system that can be used by anyone.   Including you!

I hope you choose to join me.  Read each blogposts as they will build on the one before.

If you know anyone who’s trying to grow in their lives, pass the posts on to them.  If you’ve taken the time to subscribe, the post will automatically come to your email inbox.  If not, go to RMallon.com and do it now.

One other thing . . . If you own—or if you know someone who owns a midsize company, and you think that what I do might benefit them, let me know.  I currently have a spot open and the beginning of the year is a great time to start.  I’d love to discuss in more detail how I can help in the growth of the company and it’s leaders.  I can be reached at 770-906-7397 or by email at rmallon0727@gmail.com.

Looking forward to our journey together over the next several weeks!  I hope it blesses you.




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  1. Laurie Cooper
    Laurie Cooper01-13-2012

    Wow- perfect timing! I’m down in Naples for the next few days working on my goals for this year and my dreams for the future. I’ll look forward to your posts, Robert – thank you

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