Goals Session 1: How to Reach Your Goals

As we discussed in the last post, the next several weeks will be devoted to helping you learn how to reach your goals and to hopefully get more on purpose with your life.  By taking a couple of minutes a day learning this, and then applying what you learn, you’ll automatically be in the top 7% of people!

When it comes to you learning how to reach your goals, I think it’s best that we take some baby steps.  So over the next several weeks, the posts will be pretty short.  (If you’re applauding right now, I’m going to take away your birthday!)  They’re also designed to work progressively.  In other words, you’ll need the information from the prior post to build upon the one that you’ll be currently reading. 

There are many reasons that people DON’T like goals.  So I think we should start with this.  Here’s a short list why people might shy away from goals.  See if any of these might apply to you:

  1. Fear of failure.  Everyone experiences this.  People don’t want to feel bad about themselves, so they’d rather not try anything than try something and fail.  That’s perfectly understandable.  But here’s an idea—successful people fail more than unsuccessful people do.  But instead of looking at it like it’s the worst thing in the world, they look at it as a bump in the road.  They learn to keep these setbacks in perspective.  You only fail if you quit!
  2. Intimidation!  Most of us were never taught how to set goals.  So we can become intimidated just by lack of knowledge.
  3. Fear of what others might think.  Most people are somewhat preoccupied with what other people think about them.  If they fail, they fear that they might look foolish.
  4. Goals involve change.  It’s a fact that people don’t like change.  They resist.  So since goals involve change, they push back.
  5. You’re too busy.  When you set a goal, you feel like you have MORE to do.  We already feel that we’re too busy as it is.
  6. You don’t feel worthy.  Maybe there’s something that you want but don’t feel like you deserve.  So you don’t try . . .  This also has something to do with what’s called fear of success, which psychologists say is just as powerful as fear of failure.
  7. The goal was forced on you.  This is one of my pet peeves, because there’s no buy-in.  If goals are to work, they should always be agreed upon.
  8. The goal seems unrealistic.  It seems too big!  So we’re intimidated!
  9. We don’t know where to get started.  A goal may seem so overwhelming that we don’t even know which actions to take first.

Do any of the above reasons apply to you?  Be honest with yourself.  If there are some that do apply, I want you to begin praying today that God will help you with them.  They can all be overcome and I will help you do just that!

See you again in two days!

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