Goals Session 3: Definition of Goals

Today I want to take a couple of minutes to discuss how we’re going to define goals.

As we talked about in Session 1, there are many reasons that people don’t like goals. Two of these were Fear of Failure and Intimidation.

Many times we’re afraid of goals because they seem so big that we fear that we can’t possibly accomplish them. I want to change that for you by giving you a clear, practical definition of goals: 

“A goal is a result towards which effort is directed…”

That’s it!  It’s simple, precise, and more importantly–usable!

Let’s take a look at that statement and begin to see how we can apply it.

I live in a beautiful little city just outside of Atlanta, called Gainesville, GA. We have a grocery store chain here called Publix.

Let’s pretend that I tell you:

“I’m going to stop by Publix on the way home today to pick up some groceries so that I have food in the house for the weekend.”

Based on our new definition of goals, is that a goal? Yes!

Also notice that it’s a goal and it’s an action step.

The goal is to have food in the house for the weekend. The action step is to stop by Publix on the way home and pick up some groceries.

It’s very important that you see the difference. A goal is not the action involved in accomplishing it. The goal is the result!  We’ll talk about this in more datail in a future session.  I just want you to get the point now . . .

So based on this new definition of goals, you’re doing goals already—everyday! You’re taking action daily to accomplish certain things.

If you’re reading this series of posts on learning how to set goals with the purpose of growing yourself and accomplishing more, you’re accomplishing a goal.

The goal is to grow yourself by learning how to set goals. The action step is to read all the posts and apply what you’re learning.

So don’t be intimidated.

Now you have a good definition of goals, which you can use for the rest of your life!

In the next session we’ll begin diving deeper into what constitutes a well-written goal.

Until then,

Ich zähle die Tage bis ich dich wieder sehen

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