Goals Session 15: Tweaking Your Goals

In Session 14, I encouraged you to write a goal based on one of the eight life categories and email that goal to me.  Let’s take a look at one of these and “tweak” it just a little to make it a S.M.A.R.T. goal

(In order to protect the innocent, I have changed the name of the person who wrote this goal.)

Nancy sent this:

“I am exercising every day, eating fewer desserts, and meeting my health goal by losing 14 pounds by Easter – April 8, 2012.”

There are some good things about this goal and also a few things that need to be fixed. 

The good:

  • It’s written in the present tense.  (“I am…”)
  • It has a date.  (April 8, 2012)
  • It’s measurable.  (14 pounds)

What we need to fix:

At this point, I sent Nancy these questions and made these comments:

  1. Exercising everyday?  How about making that 4 or 5 days a week.  I don’t want you to have a bad day (like we all get), not exercise, and feel like you’ve failed.  I guess what I’m really trying to ask is whether everyday is really realistic.
  2. Fewer desserts?  Come up with a number here per week.  Like maybe limit it to two desserts a week.  That way it’s measurable.
  3. There are really three goals here: exercise everyday, eat fewer desserts, and lose 14 pounds.  I think you real goal is losing 14 pounds.

How about,

“By April 8th, 2012, I am losing 14 pounds by exercising five days a week and eating only two desserts a week.”

This is more realistic and puts the emphasis on the goal of losing 14 pounds.

Obviously, the next step for Nancy is to put her goal on a 3×5 card where she can see it each day and then to start tracking it.

(“Nancy!”  Would love to see a before and after picture!!!  You know who you are!)

In the next post, we’ll look at one more goal, and “fix it” to make it a S.M.A.R.T. goal.

Have a wonderful day!

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