Goals Session 7: Goal Setting Tip 7

In the previous three sessions, we’ve discussed the first six goal setting tips.  These will bring you great results if you’ll use them as described!

Today we’re going to tackle Step 7:


After you’ve set the goal, you want to write it down.  Then, take your written goal and place it where you’re guaranteed to see it on a day-by-day basis.  Remember that what you think about, comes into your life.  Or as my pastor Kevin Myers says,

“What you think about, you look for, and what you look for you see!”

So you want to make sure that you set it up so that you automatically think about it.  This is where your reminders will come into play. 

I want you to go out and buy a pack of 3×5 index cards today.  Then I want you to write your goal on several of the cards.  Use big letters.

Then I want you to place them where you’ll see them throughout the day.  In your car, below your makeup mirror, on your computer, by your bed—just make sure that you pick places where you will see the reminders several times each day.





Here’s the reason why:

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

We set a goal with full intentions of accomplishing it.  The problem is that we are VERY BUSY PEOPLE!  The busyness of our lives gets us off track, so we don’t accomplish the goal.

By setting these little reminders, you’ll keep focused.  You’ll stay on track and not get off course.

Don’t let the simplicity of this fool you.  This step is CRITICAL!  I believe that this is one of the top two or three most important actions to take in order to accomplish your goals.

So play Nike and “Just Do It!”

And lastly, don’t worry about what people think.  Who cares if they see it!  If someone gives you a hard time because you’ve set a goal to improve yourself in a certain area, they really aren’t your friend anyway.  As a matter of fact, if they give you a hard time, eliminate them from your life.  You don’t need that kind of person pulling you down.

In the next session, we’ll learn the 8th of the 9 Steps of Goal Setting . . .  We’re getting close to you actually applying what you’ve learned.

See you then!


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