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  • Goals Session 11: Practice #1

    We’re finally here!  I am very proud of you for sticking in there and learning all that you’ve learned about goal setting so far.
    If you’re just joining us, please make sure that you go to my website (Robert Mallon), look on the right side of …

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  • Goals Session 10: Other Suggestions

    Today, we want to focus on four small, but important suggestions about setting goals.  I’ll go through these quickly.

    ONLY ONE SENTENCE.  When you write a goal, I want it to be only one sentence.  Many people make the mistake of making their goals too long.  …

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  • Goals Session 9: Goal Setting Tip 9

    We’re finally here!  Over the last four posts, we’ve gone into detail about the first eight steps of our goal setting progress.  Today we will tackle the ninth and final step:
    So what does that mean?
    You may have heard of the study that …

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  • Goals Session 8: Goal Setting Tip 8

    In our last session, we talked about the importance of setting reminders for your goals and putting them where you’ll see them on a regular basis.  Today, we’re going to learn the eighth step:
    Once you’ve set your goal, do something with it …

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  • Goals Session 7: Goal Setting Tip 7

    In the previous three sessions, we’ve discussed the first six goal setting tips.  These will bring you great results if you’ll use them as described!
    Today we’re going to tackle Step 7:
    After you’ve set the goal, you want to write it down.  Then, take …

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