Do You “Choose” to be Blessed?

On a recent afternoon, I was at the gym working out.  Between sets, I was sitting on a bench resting, and I saw one of the head guys that works there close by.

As he was walking, he was stopping, taking weights off of machines, and putting them back on the racks where they belonged.  He was also stooping down picking up weights that others had left on the floor.  In addition, he was re-organizing the weights by size—5’s, 10’s, 25’s, 45’s, etc.

I was thinking, “What a pain that he has to do this.  If people were just a little more considerate, they’d put the weights back where they belonged and he wouldn’t have to do this ‘menial’ work.

He looked over at me and smiled.  I asked him, “How are you doing today?”

“BLESSED!!!” he said!  “I’ve got a great job where I get to serve people.  It’s a glorious day!”

“That’s awesome!” I told him.

And I sat there and thought . . .  “This guy is always in a good mood.  He’s always walking around with a smile on his face.  He virtually lights up the room when he walks into it.  He “chooses” to be in a good mood.  He could choose to see his work as demeaning work, but he sees it as serving.  He does whatever task he is doing with a great attitude because that’s what he chooses!  His “filter” is positive, because that’s what he’s trained himself to be.  He rejects gloom and despair and chooses instead to see the world as half (to three-quarters) full!


It’s a choice.  It’s his choice! 

He sees it as a way to serve, not as work.

And I believe that he is also choosing to display a “Christlike” attitude through his actions.

Luke 11:28 says,

“Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”

Which will you choose today?

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