Goals Session 18: A Success Story!

About a year ago, I was in one of the larger cities in the Pacific Northwest teaching a seminar.  Part of the day was devoted to taking them through the process that you’ve gone through to learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals successfully.

At a certain point, I asked each person to write down a specific, three-month goal.  They were to base them on the eight Life Categories that we went over in Session 13.  I gave them about three to four minutes.  At the end of that, I asked them to share their goal with someone else in the class.

There was an odd amount of people that day, so I paired up with one of the ladies on the front row.  Her goals was,

“By June 30, 2012, I am creating and implementing new financial reports for my company.”

I asked her why this was important to her.  She told me that she and her husband had owned a microbrewery for the last nine years.  Their books weren’t in order, so they really didn’t do a very good job of tracking the money coming in our going out.  She also told me that her business had been seriously growing and that they really needed to get a handle on it.  She informed me that this had been bothering her for years, but she didn’t know what to do. 

“Robert, if we don’t get a handle on this we’re never going to be able to retire!”

Made sense to me . . .

“Well, how are you going to do it?” I asked.

“ I really don’t know.  I’m not good at bookkeeping and neither is my husband. “

“Do you have a CPA,” I asked her

“We do, but he charges so much that I don’t think I can afford him.”

We sat there for a couple of minutes thinking about what to do.  As I looked out of the window, I noticed that there was a large university across the highway from the building we were in.

“Do you live here in town?”

“Yes I do!”

“Do you know if there’s a school of accounting at the university?”  She said that there was.

“How about this.  It’s March.  There are people who are going to be graduating in accounting in about two months.  Why not go over to the school, find the dean of the school of accounting, and ask him or her who the top person who’s getting ready to graduate is.  Then hire that person.  I’m sure they would love the opportunity to practice “real world,” and I bet they wouldn’t cost much.”

She got really excited at that point.  So we started talking about how much to pay.  Then she had an epiphany . . .

“I can pay them with BEER!!!”

“They’re college students!  ALL college students love beer!!!  I’ve got plenty of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gave her my card and asked her to let me know how it ended up.

Towards the middle of June, I received an email from her saying that all of her new systems were in place and that the student had actually spent time teaching her and her husband how to use them.  You could just hear the joy oozing from the email!

So here’s the point.  She had told me that “for years” this had been bothering her.  YEARS!  In one day, with a little focused thought and the help of a good system for setting goals, she took a major step in the right direction towards financial stability and success in her life.  And then all she did was follow up.

You can do this too!  Take the system that you’ve learned over the last several weeks and put it into ACTION.

Three frogs were on a lilly pad.  One decided to jump off.  How many were left?

THREE!  One only decided to jump.  Until he took action, nothing changed.

It’s time for you to jump!

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