Wanna Get Lucky?

A couple of days ago, I was having lunch in a local Mexican restaurant.  I was actually working on a blogpost, when out of the corner my eye I saw one of my friends walk in with his son Stephen and Stephen’s girlfriend.

I hadn’t eaten many of the chips or salsa that they bring you.  I waited until they were focused on their menus, then walked up–set the chips and salsa down, and said in my most Hispanic voice, “Are you ready to order, or do you need a few minutes?”

They looked up and started laughing.

I sat down with them and we started chatting.  At a certain point, I remembered that my friend had told me that Stephen had hit a home run during his last baseball game.

Side note: I’ve been around a lot of winners.  I’m not bragging, but I’ve been around enough so that I know what one looks like.  Stephen is a winner!  Period!!!  He’s a great young man, loves the Lord, makes good grades, is respectful and polite to people around him, hangs out with good people, loves sports, is humble, and doesn’t give his parents any problems.  Well, not many anyway!!!

“Stephen, were you just really focused that day when you hit the home run, or what?” I asked him.

He told me that each time he had been up to bat that day, he was swinging for the fence.  “It was just luck,” he modestly said.

It reminded me of something I had learned years ago. 

“Stephen, luck is when opportunity meets preparedness.  If you work hard like you have during batting practice, you’re going to continue being ‘lucky.’  You’ll be prepared and more than likely good things will happen to you.”

I went on to tell him about what I’d recently heard about Peyton Manning.  It seems that he spends more time practicing than practically anyone in the NFL.  And the NFL is known for people who know how to get prepared.  So yes, I guess all those extra hours that he spends studying or practicing on the field while other players are resting is why he got LUCKY and received a Super Bowl ring and become the NFL’s only 4-time MVP.

So how should you prepare to be lucky? 

Specifically what are you trying to do well? Where can you invest an extra 20 minutes or an hour?  It makes all the difference!

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