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  • Greet Like a Dog!

    I’m a dog lover.  Always have been.  Can’t tell you how many I’ve owned over the years, but I’ve loved each and every one.
    A dog gives unconditional love better than any other animal on the planet.  No matter what, when you walk through the door, …

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  • “The Taste of the Roast”

    Early one Friday morning in January, I was doing a Management Conference in Jacksonville, FL.  I was with two other speakers.  We’d been in five cities in Florida during the week–too busy!
    I had picked up some sort of a respiratory bug that was causing me …

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  • Planting Crops #4

    You are creating a story—everyday!
    You create it by the thoughts that you consciously or unconsciously think.  These are the paintbrushes of the canvas of your life.  You are the creator—it doesn’t just happen.
    So what is the story that you are creating?  Is it a happy …

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  • Planting Crops #3

    In The Law of Success, Napoleon Hill said,
    “It is literally true that man, through the Law of Habit, shapes his own personality.  Through repetition, any act indulged in a few times becomes a habit, and the mind appears to be nothing more than …

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  • Planting Crops #2

    Here’s another way to “plant” the right crops and to rid your mind of the “weeds” that are sure to spring up.
    I start each day by putting the final touches on my daily to do list.  It changes everyday, but some things stay the same.  …

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  • Planting Crops #1

    In the last post called “Tending the Garden,” we discussed the fact that you are the master gardener or your mind.  It is up to you to ‘plant’ the right crops in order to get the harvest that you want.  If you’ve not read it …

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