Greet Like a Dog!

I’m a dog lover.  Always have been.  Can’t tell you how many I’ve owned over the years, but I’ve loved each and every one.

A dog gives unconditional love better than any other animal on the planet.  No matter what, when you walk through the door, they always come up and act like they’re genuinely happy to see you.  Tails wagging, tongue hanging out—I just love it.

One of my speaker friends named Chuck, closes each of his presentations with this statement,

“Now I want each of you to go out and live your life so that you become the type of person that your dog already thinks you are!”

It always gets a laugh, but it’s so true!

Makes you wonder how many divorces would be eliminated and marriages repaired if we would only imitate the greetings that our four legged friends give us—with no strings attached.

Just a thought.


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