Planting Crops #4

You are creating a story—everyday!

You create it by the thoughts that you consciously or unconsciously think.  These are the paintbrushes of the canvas of your life.  You are the creator—it doesn’t just happen.

So what is the story that you are creating?  Is it a happy story, or is it bringing you grief and frustration?  Is it a successful story or a sad story?  Is it brave and bold and confident, or is it uncertain and insecure?

You are the author . . .

It’s written by the way that you’ve trained yourself to react to the situations and events in your life.  Those reactions come from your thoughts.

Yesterday, I was working at a business all day coaching.  I needed to be there by 8:30 to get set up and ready to begin by 9:00.

For whatever reason, I was piddling around while at home and let the time slip up on me.  When I glanced at the clock in the living room, I saw that it was already 8:25.  I still needed to pack the car and drive about five or six miles.

I grabbed my briefcase, threw it in the trunk; ran back in the house, and grabbed my cup of coffee.  Ran back to the car—leaned in, and tried to set the coffee in the cup holder in the center console.

Missed it! 

Practically the whole cup of coffee went all over the console, down into the cup holder, (about an inch deep!) and all over the passenger seat.


I ran back in the house, grabbed a roll of paper towels; then went back and started cleaning up the mess.

“If this is the worst thing that happens today, I’m blessed,” I said to myself.  (Didn’t really believe that–I was trying to fake it til I made it!)

Once that was cleaned up, I cranked the car and proceeded down the driveway.  Got about a block away and noticed that everything was “fuzzy.”  I’d forgotten my contacts!

Ran back into the house, back to the bathroom and put them in.

You idiot!

Jumped back in the car, drove about a ¼ mile and the “YOU NEED GAS” orange light came on.  I pounded the steering wheel with the back of my hand.

Today is going to SUCK!!!”  I thought.

By now, my blood pressure was up and my heart was racing.

And then I began to laugh…

I thought of the words, “Comedy of errors,” and just started laughing at the insignificance of it all.

It’s going to be an Extraordinary Day!”  I said out loud to myself and to the world in general.


And it was . . .

I changed the story I was creating in my mind.  It happened by replacing the one that was full of frustration and anger with one that empowered me to realize that it was all going to be okay—if I thought it was!


And that’s the point.

Where do you need to change a story in your life?

Please borrow my eraser and Start Writing!

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