Learning How to Win!

What can the NBA teach us about winning in life?

I usually don’t watch NBA games but did get interested in the playoffs this year.  If you’re not a fan, just know that the Miami Heat won the final series 4-1 over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

But that’s not the point of this post.

As I was watching the final game, the announcers started talking about the talented young players that on the Oklahoma City team.  As a matter of fact, here are their three strongest players along with their ages:

Kevin Durant – 23

Russell Westbrook – 23

James Hardin – 22

This year, their team has the second youngest starting five players in NBA finals history behind the 1977 Portland Trail Blazers.  These guys are essentially kids.  But kids who want to win!

Three years ago, OKC won only 23 of the 82 games that they played.  That’s a winning percentage of only .280!  THAT’S BAD!

That year, their head coach Scott Brooks came up with this mantra for the team adopted:

“Get better every day!” 

And that’s what they started focusing on every day.  And they started building . . .

And this year they were in the NBA Finals!

Scott Brooks was recently asked about the transformation of his team.  Here’s what he said:

“We weren’t losing back then, we were learning how to win.”

That sentence got my attention!  That’s winner talk!  They had one of the sorriest records in all of the NBA but it was HOW THEY LOOKED AT IT THAT MATTERED!

They kept focusing in on improvement.  And they began to win games.

Have you had some failures or setbacks in your life?   Why not decide today to begin believing that they are bringing you closer to your winning?

And why not start getting better every day?

It’s nothing but a choice and that choice takes place between your ears!

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