Creating Moments

Saturday was the last night of the Gainesville Summer Community Theatre’s play, “Hello Dolly.”

We had been rehearsing for over two months and had already completed three presentations.  Many new friendships had been born.  That night would be the last time the cast worked together or that many of us would get to play our particular characters.  It was bitter sweet—in the last seven days, we had not taken a night off.

We were tired.

As we all sat together, about 20 minutes before the opening act, I began to realize something.

Looking back over my life, each day has been full.  There have been good days, bad days, tragic days, and great days.  But I have forgotten almost all of them.  They are nothing but a blur . . . 

I realized that there were a few “moments” that stood out.  My wedding day, the births of my sons, and graduations stand out.  There are some vacations and travel events that I remember well.  I also recall some of the promotions or awards that I’ve received during my career.

But most of the nearly 21,000 days that I’ve experienced are gone, never to be remembered again.  As it says in Ecclesiastes 1:2,

“Smoke, nothing but smoke.  There’s nothing to anything—it’s all smoke.”  (MSG)

So I made a decision that night and shared it with the rest of the cast.

“I want to create a moment tonight.  I want to have nothing left as I walk off the stage for the last time.  I want to expend everything I have so that when I’m 80, I can look back at this night and realize that it was magical because I choose to give everything—every bit of energy I have.  Will you join me in creating this moment—and at the same time make a moment for you too?”

They all loved the idea and got excited about what we could do.  Several folks teared up as they thought about it.

The outcome?  Bottom line, it was an incredible night, and one that I’ll never forget.  For the next two hours, we each gave the audience 110%.  We left completely spent, and feeling like a million dollars!

So how about you?  Where can you create a magical moment this week that will stay with you forever?

You only have one life.  Be aware of the fact that it is finite.  Make today count.  It is a choice that we can make every day . . .

What will be your next moment?

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