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  • The Purpose of Goals

    Jack Canfield once said,
    “The purpose in having goals that are scary is not to achieve the goal.  The purpose in having goals that are scary is to expand your ability to cope, to get wisdom, and become more than you are.”
    A few months ago, I …

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  • The Best Definition of Success!

    A few nights ago, I was enjoying a dinner of sushi with three of my best friends.  We were having a spirited conversation when something I’d learned about 40 years ago came to mind.
    My father left when I was eight years old.  Because of that …

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  • Learn Away Your Stress

    A couple of months ago, I attended a seminar on Project Management.  The trainer had been a project manager for years and started the class off talking about how his first project was a SIX-year project.  It was also international and would effect many locations …

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  • Autopsy–Lessons Learned!

    One of my coaching clients is the division head for an international manufacturing company.  This year, he and his team experienced a problem with a supplier, which resulted in the possibility of potentially losing about $1.5 million dollars over a six to seven week period.  …

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