Learn Away Your Stress

A couple of months ago, I attended a seminar on Project Management.  The trainer had been a project manager for years and started the class off talking about how his first project was a SIX-year project.  It was also international and would effect many locations around the world.  Crazy.

He had never done any project management work before being offered this job.  When he was offered the position, the person said that he had one day to think about it.  It was a sleepless night!

His wife knew that he was stressing, so she reminded him that he was a good learner.  “Brian, you’ve always had a knack for figuring things out.  You don’t have to know everything today that you’ll need to know in order to deliver the project.  Why don’t you just take the job and then begin to learn away your stress.”

How Smart Is That!

When you really think about it, fear and stress are usually caused by not having all the facts.  So all you have to do is systematically acquire the information needed in order to do something.

And the stress goes away.

You can do this for anything you’re facing.  The Internet is at our disposal.  We live in the Information Age!  The key is to have a plan for your learning.

And then take action!


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  1. John

    Good thought, Robert, certainly positive. I think the point is to go into a situation with eyes open, get facts, get information, make an informed decision; and often not having all the credentials is not a showstopper, as with this Project Mgr. However, I must say, with such a complex project, an inexperienced Project Mgr. could spell disaster, if he was not able to assimilate what he needed to know; i.e. “what you don’t know CAN hurt you.” I have worked for NCR now for over 25 years, in a variety of roles. I am proud that I continued to move up, about every 2 years. At one point, I took a position as a Services Offer Developer, which turned into a Program Manager spot, with a good bit more responsibility than I anticipated. I took it on, and was learning, but I made the mistake, in this case, of asking my manager for help, to get past some areas I was struggling with. Although I excelled in other areas, and met my objectives, guess who was the one laid off from his group when he had to down-size. So, your point is taken, but may I add a caveat; positive attitude with a plan can carry the day. I’m sure this Project Manager did just that, as that’s what Project Managers do. Thanks for your blog, and my best to you and your bride and your great family. JP

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