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  • 7 Ways to See “Life’s Coming Attractions!”

    Albert Einstein once said,
    “Your imagination is a preview for your life’s coming attractions.” 
    Love that!
    It’s also been said that what you think about will come into your life.  Actually, there have been several books written on the subject.
    As we approach the New Year, it may be …

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  • But “IT” Didn’t Work

    I work with two kinds of people.  Ones who work through their problems and accomplish their goals, and others who come up with exciting goals and then let the problems that they invariably have to face, take them out of the game.
    I usually know when …

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  • Complaining Won’t Help!

    Whenever someone complains, it’s a sign that they know that there’s something out there better but they’re not willing to risk creating it.
    If I constantly complain about my job, it says that I know there’s something better out there but I’m not willing to go …

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  • Use “Contrasting!”

    No one enjoys having tough, confrontational exchanges.  Almost everyone gets nervous before them.  The problem is that many people do the easiest thing—they just decide not to have the confrontation.
    And the problem is never resolved.
    One of the goals I have with my clients is to …

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