But “IT” Didn’t Work

I work with two kinds of people.  Ones who work through their problems and accomplish their goals, and others who come up with exciting goals and then let the problems that they invariably have to face, take them out of the game.

I usually know when someone’s mentally quit because they’ll say something like this,

“It was a great idea, but ‘it’ just didn’t work.”

Not a lot of truth telling or the taking of personal responsibility in that statement.

If they were honest with themselves, they would be saying,

“It was a great idea, but ‘I’ just didn’t work.”

I sometimes will call a person on this, but have found that it just causes them to get mad at me.  So usually I refrain.

Success always comes at least one step after you’ve decided that it’s too hard.  So just determine to take one more step . . .

And then another!

As the great statesman Winston Churchill once said,

“It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.”

Smart man!

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