Complaining Won’t Help!

Whenever someone complains, it’s a sign that they know that there’s something out there better but they’re not willing to risk creating it.

If I constantly complain about my job, it says that I know there’s something better out there but I’m not willing to go out and find it.  Or I don’t risk the conversations necessary to affect change in my present situation.  So I just stay stuck because it’s easier to complain.

If someone complains about their marriage, they’re probably at least half the problem.  But instead of working on themselves, they blame the other person and do nothing.  And the marriage stays miserable.

I hear people complain about not making enough money.  Yet they won’t do what it takes to grow into the person they have to become to earn more money.

It’s just like the man who sat in front of the fireplace and said,

“Give me heat, then I’ll give you some wood.”

It just doesn’t work.

So if you find yourself complaining, look in the mirror, and I’ll do the same.  Only you can unstuck (is that a word?) yourself!

PS, if you don’t like this blog post, please don’t complain to me!!!  :)

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