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  • The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer

    Recently while doing a seminar, I met a gentleman named Mike who runs a ranch for troubled kids in Texas.
    He told me about a conversation that he’d had with a friend of his.  They were talking about God when Mike asked the man how he …

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  • Activity vs. Productivity

    Want to work fewer hours each day and get more done this year?
    If so, (and who wouldn’t!) you’ve got to learn the difference between activity and productivity.
    There is a concept called the Pareto Principal.  An Italian Economist in 1906 observed that 80% of the land …

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  • 24-Hour Rule

    24-HOUR RULE
    I’ve gotten in the habit of DVR’ing the ESPN’s “College Gameday” every Saturday morning.  It’s a two-hour show that highlights the day’s college football lineup.  Watching the first 30 minutes of so keeps me current.
    On a recent episode, I heard this quote from Notre …

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