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  • We Always Find What We Look For

    Have you ever met a person who finds the negative in everything?  People who know them call them “Sunshine” because when they walk out of the room, the room brightens up!
    A couple of months ago, I was listening to a friend of mine named Jared …

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  • “Shrink” Your Work Time!

    About a year ago, my youngest son Brock was living in Asheville, NC and was getting ready to move back to Georgia.
    One Thursday evening he called and told me that his car had broken down.  Transmission problems.  He asked if I could drive to Asheville …

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  • Pencils and Life… You Have a Choice!

    A friend of mine named Ranny and I had an interesting conversation a few weeks ago.
    First, a little math:
    The average life expectancy in the United States for men and women combined is 78.2 years.  That comes out to 28,543 days, 685,032 hours, or 41,101,920 seconds.  …

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