Lady at Costco

Do you ever get a little nudge from God?

One day last week I went to Costco to pick up a few odds and ends.  I was in a rush as I had a lot of things on my list to get done that day.

While I was walking through the aisles with my cart, I noticed a woman who was shopping.  She was on the phone and she was crying.  I wasn’t sure that what I saw was correct but I noticed that she kept wiping her eyes.  I couldn’t hear the words but I could hear the tone in her voice and knew that she was upset.  Well, it’s not everyday that you see a person crying while you are shopping.  I got the sense that someone had died or that someone she knew had been in an accident.  She seemed sad or hurt . . .

I continued my shopping and then got in line to pay.  Less than a minute later, the lady walked up and got in the next line.  She was still on the phone and still dabbing at her eyes.  Her emotions were high.

I walked out to my car, loaded my groceries and while returning my cart to the cart stand noticed her walking in the general direction of where my car was parked.  She stopped at a SUV, popped the back and began loading the groceries.  She was still on the phone.

I backed out of my spot and started to drive away.  It saddened me that this young woman was hurt.  I felt God ask me to go say something to her—to try to brighten her day.  As usual, when I get the prompt to do something like this I feel embarrassed.  Number one, I didn’t want her to think that I was eves-dropping.  Number two, I didn’t want to embarrassed myself.  I might offend her.  It was none of my business.  But I felt God’s call.

So I did it anyway.  I pulled up behind her as she was unloading her cart, rolled down my window, and said, “I was just inside the store and noticed that you are having a pretty tough day.  I want you to know that it will get better and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the afternoon.”

I gave her a big smile.  She looked at me with the phone in her hand and just beamed.  As I drove away, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw her looking at my car and laughing into the phone with the biggest smile on her face.

I drove out of the parking lot knowing that I was a better person for taking the risk and offering a stranger a smile and a comforting word.

Isn’t that just the way God wants us to act?  He wants us to obey when he speaks. It’s always good when you obey his call.  It may not be convenient or comfortable.  But it always seems to work out fine.

Who are you walking by today?  Who can you help by offering a kind word?  It just takes a few seconds but the rewards are beyond measure.  Not only can you brighten someone else’s day, you just might brighten your own.

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  1. Rusty Lion
    Rusty Lion03-11-2013

    Gutsy move in a world of the inherent caution we have of middle-aged men in parking lots. God is bold; you were too. Keep listening for his nudges.

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