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  • The Best Gift Ever!

    A few weeks ago, I was doing a seminar in a large Midwestern town.  At the end of lunch, just before starting the afternoon session, I noticed a young lady sitting on the back row.  She was very pregnant.  I mean VERY pregnant.
    Men, let me …

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  • You Just Never Know

    I have a lot of “Director” tendencies in me.  I am often impatient with people who I feel are not trying as hard as they could.  I want to see people focused and on point.  It irritates me when people aren’t.
    In one of my recent …

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  • To the Fathers

    Today is Father’s Day!!! One of the best days of the year.
    I’d like to address some of the newer fathers out there who read this blog. I’ve been a father for 30 years now. Looking back over that time, it’s been one …

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  • Letters to My Sons

    I know this about you—you’re busy. We all are, and it’s not getting any slower. That being stated, I have a couple of questions for you?
    Why this blog? Why might you want to take a couple of minutes several times a week reading the ramblings …

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  • What You Give…

    (This was a letter I wrote about my bonus-daughter, Callie about five days before her wedding. I read it at her rehearsal dinner.)
    Yesterday, Callie got a present!
    Callie is getting married in five days! It’s the single, biggest event of her life and she …

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