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  • We Always Find What We Look For

    Have you ever met a person who finds the negative in everything?  People who know them call them “Sunshine” because when they walk out of the room, the room brightens up!
    A couple of months ago, I was listening to a friend of mine named Jared …

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  • Pencils and Life… You Have a Choice!

    A friend of mine named Ranny and I had an interesting conversation a few weeks ago.
    First, a little math:
    The average life expectancy in the United States for men and women combined is 78.2 years.  That comes out to 28,543 days, 685,032 hours, or 41,101,920 seconds.  …

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  • 24-Hour Rule

    24-HOUR RULE
    I’ve gotten in the habit of DVR’ing the ESPN’s “College Gameday” every Saturday morning.  It’s a two-hour show that highlights the day’s college football lineup.  Watching the first 30 minutes of so keeps me current.
    On a recent episode, I heard this quote from Notre …

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  • But “IT” Didn’t Work

    I work with two kinds of people.  Ones who work through their problems and accomplish their goals, and others who come up with exciting goals and then let the problems that they invariably have to face, take them out of the game.
    I usually know when …

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  • Complaining Won’t Help!

    Whenever someone complains, it’s a sign that they know that there’s something out there better but they’re not willing to risk creating it.
    If I constantly complain about my job, it says that I know there’s something better out there but I’m not willing to go …

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  • The Purpose of Goals

    Jack Canfield once said,
    “The purpose in having goals that are scary is not to achieve the goal.  The purpose in having goals that are scary is to expand your ability to cope, to get wisdom, and become more than you are.”
    A few months ago, I …

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  • The Best Definition of Success!

    A few nights ago, I was enjoying a dinner of sushi with three of my best friends.  We were having a spirited conversation when something I’d learned about 40 years ago came to mind.
    My father left when I was eight years old.  Because of that …

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  • Autopsy–Lessons Learned!

    One of my coaching clients is the division head for an international manufacturing company.  This year, he and his team experienced a problem with a supplier, which resulted in the possibility of potentially losing about $1.5 million dollars over a six to seven week period.  …

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