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  • Haircut & The Walking Dead

    Got my hair cut on Monday. I go to a really nice lady named Rhonda who does a great job every time. I don’t know about you, but I find the barber’s seat to be one of the most relaxing places on earth. I don’t …

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  • The Idiocy of Extremes!

    Today I was working with a lady who has been a coaching client for about five months.  We are currently working on three things—her career, her spiritual life, and her physical fitness.
    Over the months, she’s made huge strides in all three areas.  She’ll be the …

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  • Reticular Activating System

    We tend to go through life unconsciously!  We really do…
    When you really think about it, we don’t make that many decisions during our days.  We tend to just do things automatically.
    This week, I’ll sleep in five beds.  I’ll be in four cities which means four …

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  • Mentors

    Do you have any areas of your life where you really want to grow but that you have no idea  how to do it?  Maybe you need a mentor!
    What is a mentor?  According to the dictionary, it’s a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.  We …

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  • “Should,” Part Two

    In an earlier blogpost, we talked about the misuse of the word “should.”  We determined that it’s time to quit “shoulding” on ourselves.
    Another misuse of the word “should” is when we use the word to beat ourselves up.
    “I should go back to school,” or “I …

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  • Stop “Shoulding” On Yourself!

    The misuse of the word “should” causes more anxiety, heartache, and wrong thinking than probably any other word in the English language.
    Let me explain.
    When something is happening, or has happened, it “should” have happened, because it did.  Saying that it “shouldn’t” is trying to change …

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  • Video blogpost: “Your Rudder In the Water”

    Hope you enjoy this little video…

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  • Two Ways to Have a Great Marriage!

    This past Saturday, Sandy and I attended a beautiful wedding for a young couple named Laney and Robert.  It was an absolutely joyful event, and brought everyone there a great deal of happiness to see the love they share for each other!
    The church where they …

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