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  • A “Fine Wine” Kind Of Decision!

    Ever want things to just hurry up and happen?
    One of my very close friends is in the midst of making a pretty important career decision.  It will change the course of his professional life so he is very concerned about the timing.  He is trying …

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  • “Shrink” Your Work Time!

    About a year ago, my youngest son Brock was living in Asheville, NC and was getting ready to move back to Georgia.
    One Thursday evening he called and told me that his car had broken down.  Transmission problems.  He asked if I could drive to Asheville …

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  • Activity vs. Productivity

    Want to work fewer hours each day and get more done this year?
    If so, (and who wouldn’t!) you’ve got to learn the difference between activity and productivity.
    There is a concept called the Pareto Principal.  An Italian Economist in 1906 observed that 80% of the land …

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  • 7 Ways to See “Life’s Coming Attractions!”

    Albert Einstein once said,
    “Your imagination is a preview for your life’s coming attractions.” 
    Love that!
    It’s also been said that what you think about will come into your life.  Actually, there have been several books written on the subject.
    As we approach the New Year, it may be …

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  • Use “Contrasting!”

    No one enjoys having tough, confrontational exchanges.  Almost everyone gets nervous before them.  The problem is that many people do the easiest thing—they just decide not to have the confrontation.
    And the problem is never resolved.
    One of the goals I have with my clients is to …

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  • Learn Away Your Stress

    A couple of months ago, I attended a seminar on Project Management.  The trainer had been a project manager for years and started the class off talking about how his first project was a SIX-year project.  It was also international and would effect many locations …

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  • Encouragement: The “Anti-Funk” Drug!

    It has been said that encouragement is “the oxygen of the soul.”  I believe that!
    A couple of weeks ago, I was having a “not so great” day.  I couldn’t really put my finger on the source of my discontent.  Generally I have a very positive …

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  • Romantic “Glen-Ella Springs!”

    Recently, Sandy and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.  Each year, we have made it a tradition to go spend a night at a Ritz Carlton Hotel to commemorate the occasion.  The experiences there are always fabulous.  But this year we decided to try something …

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