Professional Speaker

Why book Robert for your next conference or training event?

“Since the conference, innumerable participants have remarked that your talk was the highlight of the day.  You provided so many valuable tools, and the wonderful stories and life experiences that you shared were so inspiring to the participants!”  Barbara, State of Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Over the last decade, Robert has worked with most of America’s top organizations and associations. With over 6000 hours of professional speaking under his belt, his presentations both coach and motivate people to higher levels of competence and skill.

Robert utilizes over 30 years of business experience to help others know what works and what doesn’t. His practical and focused presentations give audiences answers for their questions and solutions to their problems.  He is known for helping his audiences walk away with many practical “tools” so that their lives and performance are impacted immediately.

His talks are interactive, thought provoking and entertaining. Robert has a wonderful way of touching people’s hearts while challenging them with actual examples to help them grasp the “how’s” and “why’s” of the concepts he teaches.

Robert has dozens of full or half-day programs ready to go, or can prepare a customized program for your organization.  Subjects primarily deal with professional development and growth areas including:

  • Leadership
  • Self-Development
  • Teamwork
  • Management / Supervision
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management / Organizational Skills

A sampling of Robert’s most requested Keynotes:

  • “Responding, Not Reacting to the Pressures of Life.”
  • “How to Thrive on Change in a Continually Changing World.”
  • “Dealing With Difficult People–Keys for Coping with the Energy Drainers in Your Life.”
  • “How to Overcome Negativity and “Attitudional” Problems in the Workplace.”
  • “Motivating Employees!  How to turn the majority of your employees into engaged, inspired contributors.”

If you’re considering an inspiring speaker for your next event, Robert Mallon is among the very best. Intelligent, professional, and humorous he is the perfect choice when you want to “Wow” your audience.

Contact Robert today at 770-906-7397 or to discuss how he can help you at your next conference or event!


“Mr. Mallon was honestly the very best and most entertaining speaker I’ve ever seen.  It was a pleasure to spend this day being enlightened by him.  His way of presenting information is one-of-a-kind and I will not forget this!”  Jennifer W–Dallas TX.

“Robert was personable, knowledgeable, and inclusive of all personality styles.  Too many presenters make it all about them, but Robert made it all about the group.”  Charlotte Y–San Francisco, CA.

“I was very happy to have had this opportunity to attend this seminar.  Robert was an awesome speaker and a wealth of knowledge.  I am very motivated to take what I have learned today and start applying them to my life and my work!”  David B–Portland, MA.

“Robert was very attentive to the audience and displayed a warmness that made me feel that I have known him for years.  He also had an air of professionalism that held my attention and made me feel that he is sincere while at the same time extremely knowledgable in his subject.”  Debbie–Atlanta, GA

“Mr. Mallon was by far the best instructor I have ever had!  He oozes professionalism.”  Duane–Louisville, KY.